Notes From the CEO

22 May 2015

New Ultra Narrowband UV Filter, Expansion, and the Laser Munich Show

New Ultra Narrowband Filters

I’m pleased to announce an extension of our ultra-narrow capability both deeper into the UV and even narrower in the VIS/NIR. Figures 1a and 1b show a 266 narrowband four cavity filter designed to improve spectral fidelity of a 266 laser, and Figure 2 shows our new 0.3nm full width half bandwidth three cavity (and fully blocked to 1100nm) filter designed to isolate the H-alpha line of hydrogen. To my knowledge, the 266nm is the highest transmission narrowband filter available today, and our ultra-narrow H-alpha filter is the narrowest large format filter available. The H-alpha filter is used for astronomy, hydrogen fusion research, and instrumentation applications. Other applications like LIDAR and Research continue to benefit from improvements such as these as well.

266nm narrowband four cavity filter

Figure 1a. 266nm narrowband four cavity filter.

266nm narrowband four cavity filter

Figure 1b. 266nm narrowband four cavity filter.

660-0.3nm flat top filter.

Figure 2. 660-0.3nm flat top filter


Our string of record quarters continues in Q1 of 2015 marking our ninth consecutive quarter in row of record revenues, and we fully expect the growth to continue. To stay ahead of it we are embarking on a new expansion which adds enough space for six additional coating machines bringing our total to 14 machines. This expanded lab and office space will also enable our headcount to roughly double from our current 50 employees. Our new machines will follow our “copy exact” model, where all of our chambers can produce all of our products. This improves efficiency, reduces cost of spare parts, reduces training time, and improves the planning process.

Laser Munich

Look for us at the Laser Munich show in June. We will be sharing the Laser Components booth where we will be available to discuss any potential applications for our technology and happy to give more details on our next generation filter capability. Hope to see you there!