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10 December 2015

Photonics Spectra Features Alluxa Technology - Thin-Film Optical Filters for Phase Control Applications

Article published in Photonics Spectra December 2015

Phase control has been an important component in optical design in applications using ultrashort pulse lasers and high-data-rate telecommunications lasers. Now, phase control requirements are emerging in life sciences applications such as structured illumination and multiphoton microscopy.

Thin-film filters (TFFs) can create virtually any spectral shape imaginable to modify the transmission or reflection of light in optical systems. During design, strong emphasis is often placed on optimizing the amplitude response, although for many emerging optics applications, equally important is the need to control the phase of the light. The frequently neglected phase response is increasingly a consideration for optical coating manufacturers, creating challenges that require new, sophisticated design and manufacturing methods.

Read the full article here:

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