Soft Coating Replacement Filters

Durable, hard-coated optical filters for replacing laminated filters

A variety of soft coating replacement filters, each with greater than 90% transmission.

Figure 1. A variety of soft coating replacement filters, each with greater than 90% transmission.

Alluxa offers a series of hard-coated optical filters that deliver increased performance and durability over traditional soft-coated filters, at comparable prices. These soft-coating replacement filters are available with center wavelengths across the visible spectrum with bandwidths typically between 10 nm and 50 nm. All of the hard-coated filters in this series offer both greater than 90% transmission and greater than OD4 blocking at prices that are comparable to laminated filters.

Learn more about the benefits of upgrading to hard-coated filters in our white paper:

Replacing Soft Coatings with Alluxa’s Hard Coatings

Quality and consistency from an innovative thin-film coating process

All of Alluxa's thin-film optical filters and mirrors are hard-coated using our SIRRUS™ plasma deposition process on equipment that was designed and built by our team. This allows us to reliably and repeatedly produce the same hard-coated filters over several different coating runs, which translates to consistent performance across all of your systems.

Please contact us for a custom quote or visit our online optical filter catalog to see our selection of hard-coated filters that are currently in stock.

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