Alluxa Now Offers Easy Online Ordering of Ultra-Narrowband Filters

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Customers of Alluxa,

I’m pleased to announce the opportunity to purchase our unique and industry leading Ultra-Narrowband filters through our new online catalog. All of our flat-top, hard-coated Ultra-Narrowband filters feature the industry's best temperature stability, highest transmission, filter "squareness" and out of band blocking. Most of the filters also offer the narrowest bandwidth available in multi-cavity flat top hard coatings.

Filters from the low 317nm to 1071nm are now offered, and we plan to continually add new ones, in particular in the UV to 250nm and the IR to 2.1microns. Our catalog data includes adjustable spectral plots that enable the user to zoom into the minute features of each filter. If you are interested in learning more about our Ultra-Narrowband filters please find the link to our whitepaper here: Ultra-Narrowband Optical Bandpass Filters with Large Format and Improved Temperature Stability.


Mike Scobey

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