Another new record quarter in Q2, advanced octochroic filters, and our continuing role in PCR biomedical testing devices

Hello everyone.

I’m pleased to announce our seventeenth consecutive record quarter in Q2 driven by record shipments in our life sciences segment, in particular filters for PCR detection systems for COVID. In total we shipped over 40 thousand units into PCR in Q2, and expect to ship 100k units in Q3.

Alluxa and PCR have been in the news since the start of the pandemic with a number of press releases, articles, and a whitepaper relating to the use of optical filters in the PCR testing for COVID. Dr. Rance Fortenberry will be participating in a Laser Focus World webinar tomorrow, July 23rd, on the subject to share important details and answer any questions you have about how to best use optical filters in the fight against COVID. You can also learn more about advanced filters for COVID by Alluxa here and here.

Alluxa Develops Thin Films for COVID-19 Detection Devices

The role of thin film optics in qPCR and Covid-19 detection

Development continues on the Ultra Series. Recently we built an 8 band octochroic, shown below. In this filter, 8 narrow bands are transmitted and 7 reflected. We were able to keep each of the 16 edges within less than a quarter of a percent of theory.

Eight band dichroic filter from Alluxa Ultra Series

As usual, please reach out to us for your advanced coating needs. We love to be challenged.

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