Alluxa announces a new line of high performance durable hard coated, mid-IR bandpass filters and multi-bandpass filters featuring ultra-high transmission and no measurable absorption in the water band.

Alluxa Inc., a leader in high performance optical filters for the visible and NIR is pleased to introduce an extension of its next generation plasma deposition process to filters in the mid-IR spectrum.

These new mid-IR filters are deposited using Alluxa’s proprietary plasma PVD deposition technology and include narrowband, multiband, notch and edge filters. The filters offer Alluxa’s characteristic ultra-high transmission, steep slopes and square filter profiles. Another unique aspect of Alluxa’s new filter technology is an absence of absorption in the water band at 2.7um, enabling the industry’s highest transmission at every wavelength between 2.5 um and 3.0 um. In addition to high performance optical characteristics, Alluxa’s mid-IR filters have completed 10 cycles of the rigorous MIL-810G environmental testing to ensure the durability and versatility of the coatings in end use applications.

Alluxa’s CEO, Mike Scobey, comments, “At Alluxa, our mission is to continually innovate and develop new filter technology with higher levels of performance. I’m delighted that our team was able to deliver Alluxa style filters in the mid-IR portion of the spectrum and thrilled with the team’s success in eliminating water absorption from the coatings.”

ULTRA high performance mid-IR filters are the latest product in Alluxa’s ULTRA series of high performance filters. The ULTRA line is intended to offer OEM customers and researchers higher performance than off the shelf products and commitment to tighter specification tolerances in order to provide the best possible system level performance.

A new whitepaper in Alluxa’s Learning Center introduces the mid-IR filter product line and gives guidance on the specification and usage of these filters.

About Alluxa

Alluxa designs and manufactures next generation, hard coated optical filters using a proprietary plasma deposition process in Santa Rosa, CA. Alluxa’s unique, purpose-built deposition platform and control systems were designed, developed, and built by our team to address the demanding requirements of the next generation of systems and instruments and to create the world’s most challenging filters at breakthrough price points.

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