Alluxa expands website to include “Learning Center”

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Alluxa expands website to include “Learning Center”

Alluxa, an emerging leader in next generation optical filters announces the expansion of their website, including the introduction of the Learning Center.

The goal of the Learning Center is to help customers use Alluxa’s proprietary hard coating technology to improve the performance of their optical systems and instruments.

According to CEO Mike Scobey, “Customers are continually surprised to learn what is now possible using our advanced plasma deposition technology. This technology enables the routine production of filters with performance and price characteristics that were previously impossible. Our learning center will provide our customers and partners with tools to help them maximize the advantage they gain by using our filters.”

The two initial publications in the learning center focus on different aspects of Alluxa filters.

The first introduces Alluxa’s Soft Coating Killers product line. This line of filter products is designed to cost effectively replace soft coated products with hard coated products, bringing the reliability and performance advantages of hard coating technology into applications at similar prices to legacy soft coatings.

The second paper addresses the techniques and concepts surrounding high performance spectrophotometer measurements of advanced thin film filters. Alluxa filters often push the limits of standard measurement techniques and this reference is intended as a resource to help customers develop an understanding of the measurement process and the nuance associated with measuring high performance filters.

Alluxa is committed to developing next generation thin film solutions and the learning center will continue to expand and support the challenging and diverse needs of Alluxa customers.