Alluxa Sets New Bandwidth Standard for Multi-Cavity Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters

New multi-cavity ultra-narrow thin-film filters feature a revolutionary bandwidth of only 0.1 nm while maintaining transmission of > 80%.

Santa Rosa, CA - Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in thin-film deposition technology and high-performance optical coatings and filters, is pleased to announce the production of a new class of multi-cavity ultra-narrow bandpass filters with 0.1 nm bandwidths and OD6 blocking.

An industry-leading manufacturer of ultra-narrow bandpass filters, Alluxa now offers a 532 nm multi-cavity filter that has a FWHM of just 0.1 nm while maintaining over 80% transmission. These innovative ultra-narrow filters have wide-ranging uses including improving signal-to-noise ratios in many fields such as Lidar for autonomous vehicles, astronomy, laser-line clean up, free-space communication, and fusion research.

Alluxa multi-cavity ultra-narrow bandpass filter with 0.1 nm FWHM and OD6 blocking

Multi-cavity ultra-narrow bandpass filter with 0.1 nm FWHM and OD6 blocking

Alluxa’s CCO Peter Egerton notes, “We are excited to have made a significant leap forward in the state of the art of high-performance optical bandpass filters. We are constantly working to push the limits of our proprietary SIRRUS™ plasma deposition process and this new filter is a perfect example. The ultra-narrow 0.1 nm filters are manufacturing-ready and we look forward to helping our customers get to the next level in system sensitivity.”

To learn more about Alluxa’s breakthrough optical coating technology and the 0.1 nm wide multi-cavity filter, please contact us or visit our booth #4482 at Photonics West 2019, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Feb. 5 - 7, 2019.

About Alluxa

Alluxa designs and manufactures next generation, hard coated optical filters using a proprietary plasma deposition process in Santa Rosa, CA. Alluxa’s unique, purpose-built deposition platform and control systems were designed, developed, and built by our team to address the demanding requirements of the next generation of systems and instruments and to create the world’s most challenging filters at breakthrough price points.

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