Kinetic River Chooses Alluxa Filters for Potomac Flow Cytometer Installation at National Cancer Institute

Santa Rosa, CA – Alluxa, Inc., the leader in high performance optical filters and optical coatings is pleased to announce that its Ultra Series Optical Filters have been installed in the Kinetic River Potomac Modular Flow Cytometer at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Bill Telford, leader of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility of the Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch (ETIB) of NCI, selected the Potomac Flow Cytometer featuring Alluxa Ultra Series Filters because of the flexibility and modularity of Kinetic River’s approach.

“We created the Potomac platform to anticipate the specific and varying needs of Bill’s lab at NCI, which demands state-of-the-art performance in combination with a highly-customized configuration” said Dr. Giacomo Vacca, President of Kinetic River. “Rapid delivery of the Ultra Series from Alluxa provided us with superior performance options for the spectral separation requirements in our system.”

“The team at Alluxa is proud to have been included in such an important project with Giacomo’s team,” said Peter Egerton, EVP of Business Development at Alluxa. “Being able to use our unique technology to play a part in such important research is one of the key motivations for each one of us.”

Alluxa and Kinetic River look forward to future deployments of the Potomac platform to address the next generation of cellular analysis challenges.

Kinetic River Press Release - Kinetic River Corp. Delivers Potomac Modular Flow Cytometer to the National Cancer Institute.

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