640-77 OD6 Bandpass Filter



640-77 OD6 Bandpass Filter


The steep edges, high transmission, and wide range OD6 blocking of Alluxa’s filters will increase fluorescence instrument performance, resulting in bright, high contrast images of target molecules. All of Alluxa's filters are durable and hard-coated using a proprietary deposition process.


Item Number 7095
Angle of Incidence 0 Degrees
Center Wavelength 640 nm ± 3.5 nm
FWHM 77 nm Nominal
Transmission Band(s) 605 to 675 nm > 93% T Average
Blocking Level OD6
Blocking Range(s)* OD6: 542 to 582 nm; OD5: 490 to 592 nm, 696 to 925 nm; OD2: 400 to 490 nm, 925 to 1050 nm; OD1: 1050 to 1100 nm, 200 to 400 nm
Substrate Type Fused Silica
Dimensions 25.0 mm Diameter
Filter Thickness 2.0 mm
Assembly Type Anodized Aluminum Ring
Assembly Thickness 3.5 mm
Main Fluorophore(s) Texas Red® R-PE
Alternate Fluorophore(s) ATTO RHO12, Carboxy SNARF®-1 (pH 9), Crystal Violet (glycerol), DHPE Texas Red®, FluoSpheres® Red, FusionRed, Nile Red, Propidium iodide, TurboFP602, Alexa Fluor® 610 R-PE, DY-520, DY-520XL MegaStokes, PromoFluor-520LSS, SYTOX® Advanced Dead Cell Stain, Tetra-t-butylazaporphine
*Auxiliary blocking typical based on the displayed spectrum.

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