491_574 ULTRA Dualband Dichroic Beamsplitter



491_574 ULTRA Dualband Dichroic Beamsplitter


Alluxa's ULTRA Series of fluorescence filters are designed to provide the highest level of performance currently available for off the shelf products. ULTRA Series filters provide better overall performance than our standard fluorescence filters by using a combination of tight wavelength control (typically ± 1.5 nm), ultra-steep edges, deeper blocking, and the industry's highest transmission levels. They are also specified to produce zero pixel shift when imaging multiple fluorophores. ULTRA Series filters will optimize fluorescence instrument performance, resulting in bright, high contrast images of target molecules. All of Alluxa's filters are durable and hard-coated using a proprietary deposition process.


Item Number 7174
Angle of Incidence 45 Degrees
Cut-On Wavelength 491 nm ± 3.0 nm, 574 nm ± 3.0 nm
Transmission Band(s) 497 to 527 nm > 93% T Average, 582 to 700 nm > 93% T Average
Reflection Band(s) 390 to 485 nm > 95% R Average, 539 to 566 nm > 95% R Average
Parallelism < 3.0 Arcseconds
Transmitted Wavefront Error < 0.25 Wave RMS @ 632.8nm
Substrate Type Fused Silica
Dimensions 25.2x35.6 mm
Filter Thickness 1.05 mm
Assembly Type Unmounted

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